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    Naming convention for tags: hyphen/dash or underscore as separators


      I'm not sure if this is a material question. We're starting to plan for our Information Architecture. I clearly see that here at JC the vast majority (if not all) tags use underscore as a separator. However, reading this discussion, I got the impression that the choice between underscore or hyphen may affect the way we search and the results we get:


      to match against a tag, you need to include the underscores to match against a multi-word tag (i.e. "blue_house")


      Is there any difference at all? Is there any dependency on the database engine behind the scenes? If there is no difference, I would be inclined to go towards only using underscore, as it seems to be the standard here, but before going down that path I'd like to make sure that I'm not forcing the end user to use "geek speak". I want a search for "blue house" to find a piece of content tagged as "blue_house".


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!