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    How to use Jive Express as a "Basecamp"-like project management tool?


      I accidentally posted this to the SUPPORT area but meant for the overall community to view (moderators, please move/delete my original post).


      We're trying desperately to use our instance of Jive Express to manage our shared services projects (mainly creative/design) instead of introducing yet another online tool for our team's to use.  Unfortunately, Jive Express is lacking in one critical areas in order for this to work: The inability to invite/assign only those who are part of the project to the Project and/or Task. Not everyone needs to be aware (and receive email notifications) of every single project and activity that takes place within the project.  It will get to the point where our team will just ignore these notifications since there will be so many of them (and so many that aren't relevant to the team at large).


      Are there any plans to include this type of functionality in the future?  I really hope so since we may be looking at other online collaboration tools if Jive can't provide these types of capabilities.  It's just too hard to justify the cost with our leadership teams.