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    Fathom Pro Phrase Search


      Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question about Fathom Pro.


      Needed to setup a monitor for 'XYZ Group', if you enter 'XYZ' as one green bubble and 'Group' as another, you seem to get some hits with just "XYZ" or "Group". I also tried "XYZ Group" as a single green bubble but it seemed to be decomposed.


      How do you do a phrase search?


      Adam Mertz Ryan Tyer

        • Re: Fathom Pro Phrase Search

          Examples for Ryan T


          The settings using (actual) double quotes:


          russell group settings.jpg


          Some results:


          russell group decomp.jpg


          These two entries don't appear to contain the phrase "Russell Group" but do contain "Russell" and there were many more. The intent of my monitor is to only pick-up content with "Russell Group" in it.