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    Roles & Responsibilities for Advocates?


      Has anyone actually written a "Roles & Responsibilities" guidelines for Advocates? I am toying with this idea-- I need to give our Advocacy Program some formality. However, I don't want to make it overly formal because I don't want people to be scared off by something that might seem overwhelming. Thoughts?

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          Here's ours (high level):


          Description: Evangelists are subject matter experts who are enthusiastic users and promoters of the community both online and in person. Evangelists generally commit to engage with the content at some level on a regular basis; for example, by blogging, posting shared bookmarks, starting or responding to discussions and ideas, and contributing useful documents. Evangelists may also work within a project team to champion behaviors that lead to achieving specific business goals or metrics, such as increased productivity through re-use or ensuring that the team’s highest value content is added.

          Number required: Should be more than 1 per community. One way to think about the number needed is in terms of a ration of 1:10 community members for smaller communities, and up to 1:30 for larger communities.

          May overlap with: Leader evangelist, content creator, group manager

          Time Commitment: 2-6 hours per month

          Responsibilities: Redirect important discussions to the community.


          In our case, most of our collaboration is happening over email distribution lists, so I envision a primary role for these folks as watching the traffic on the Dls and reminding people of the process for and benefits of posting it to the community. I have also considered creating a boilerplate template to make it easier for them to do this. I think it's important to have more than one person in this role, because a single voice reminding people to use the system sounds like nagging. A chorus of voices gives the feeling that everyone's doing it, and you should too.

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            I'm also trying to formalise our Advocacy program after running it more informally for about 2 months... Community Advocates: Your Secret Weapon in Going Global and Viral, By Claire Flanagan, CSC was useful, as was The specified item was not found.


            Post up snippets of what you eventually went with! I'm currently putting something together with the four headings:


            1. What do Advocates do?
            2. What do Advocates get?
            3. How are Advocates training and equipped?
            4. How will we keep their role vital?