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    Mobile Redirect - Request for New Functionality

    John Schwiller

      As pointed out by Ryan today, you can 'get round' the mobile redirect on JC by hitting the URL http://community.jivesoftware.com/activity  etc rather than coming in at the root.


      But it still then flips to mobile when you deep dive, eg look at a profile or content that the mobile UI can render.


      It would be cool to sense if the calling page is not in mobile UI (coz we have come in at ../activity etc) and if not mobile then stay in not mobile. This would allow a user to stay in the full UI if they want to.


      The intention being to not affect the current operation of flipping to mobile when the URL you start from is the root URL.   

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          cross-posting for the sake of the Mobile audience:


          interesting idea that I will take into account when we do the feature to prevent the redirect on request.  our current plan is to add a 'view full site' link to the app whenever the redirect is invoked.  that choice would persist for the session.  this behavior is available already in the tablet app so we're largely replicating it for mobile.  adding this logic would be a smart addition though.