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    Looking for advice on zipping all space content for download


      We've had a few requests from our Space Admins to be able to get all the content (documents, discussions) from a space that is no longer in use before we close it down. We're looking into ways we might be able to provide this (rather than the admin downloading one doc at-a-time).


      Has anyone been able to collect content from a space into a zip file through the database? Did you encounter any tricky problems?


      If so, were you able to save html docs and discussions as well as attachments?


      Finally, how did you handle older versions of documents/attachments? Did you include those in the zip file?


      I've seen the product idea for "Bulk download docs" (and that a commercial solution has been created) but we're exploring a homemade solution since it will be used only occasionally. We don't have demand for our regular users to have this option.



      Thanks for your insights!