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    How to setup "Community Managers" to see the CMR reports?

      In the Community Manager Reports FAQs document under "Why do I not see the Reports tab" it says "The Reports tab only appears for owners/administrators of groups/spaces and for community managers and administrators."


      How do I identify or configure the Community Managers in such a way that the CMR plugin recognizes them as community managers?


      We have a security group created named "Community Managers". This group is given Moderate access to our spaces. We intentionally don't want the community managers to have Admin access (which includes the ability to delete the space). It's not that we don't trust them, it's just to prevent them from doing something unintentional that could be very damaging. For our Groups we do identify them as the Group owners. Our spaces are created with an 'Admin' userid -- specific id created to perform Admin functions for our community.

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          I believe in this case the term "community manager" is considered interchangeable with "space admin" or "group owner". But would be good for Jive to confirm.


          Sounds like "full control/admin" access is only given to system administrators. In that case, who does the updates to the Overview page for your spaces?  I think Jive is working on the assumption that the "community manager" who would be interested in reports is also the admin for the space. To me this is a not an unreasonable assumption, and I guess I'm thinking your use case might be unusual.

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              Thanks Kevin, that's the conclusion I was thinking as well. The aspect of 'Admin' rights for a Community Manager that makes me pause is the ability to Delete the Space. In a cautious approach we don't have any single person's userid that has this access level. Instead we have an Admin Id that 3 of us use to do Space creation, Overview changes, and Announcement postings. Looking into the Admin Console with the Admin Id puts us in a frame of mind that we are doing 'admin' work and the risk is less that we'll make a mistake.


              Maybe it's an overly cautious approach.

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              Guys: I want to make sure that you guys have the full info on current CMR capabilities and ask a question to help guide future work.


              Today there are two ways to get access to CMR.  You can get 'global' access via the System Manage permission.  With such permission, users can access to Global charts that roll up everything in the whole Jive community plus some unique global charts (like Top Places and Profile Completion).  These users can also access the Group and Space reports in and Place that they have permission to see (e.g. not Secret Groups if they are not a member).   In addition, anyone who is an admin of a Group or a Space can see the Group/Space-level charts for that Place. 


              Now the question: it sounds like there is a desire to add a new permission to extend the global access to people other than those with System Manager permissions (since this doesn't capture all global Community Managers but neither does Moderate privileges).  How important is it to extend the permissions for the Place reports to non Place-owners also?  So someone could get permissions to see the reports on one particular Group or Space without being and admin for it and not having the global privilege?   And is there a difference between Spaces and Groups?