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    @mention does not work in native iOS mobile app


      I just installed the new native iOS mobile app highlighted here - Native iPhone App Available.


      It logged in ok, I decided I was going to post an status update from it, but wanted to mention someone very specific in our community.  When I enter the "@" symbol, nothing happens.  When I click on the "@" symbol, it response as if I am finished editing, by deselecting the text field, and ready to submit.


      cc: Brian Gil

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          I understand what you're describing now.  This actually isn't unique to the native version and is currently as designed but I will look into improving the experience.  Here's what's happening:

          • Typing the @ symbol doesn't invoke the mention search because there isn't a mobile RTE that could do that inline.  However, if you know the username of the person you can just type @username and it will be converted into a mention once the post is processed.  Some users tell us that's preferred over the mention search experience since it is faster assuming you know the username.
          • The other scenario is potentially easier to improve.  What's happening is that the first tap on the mention button is just registering the tap outside the keyboard which merely dismisses it.  Then you would need to tap the mention symbol again to invoke the mention search UI. It would be better if that first tap both dismissed the keyboard and brought up the mention UI.  I need to see if that is possible though.
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              Brian, a user in our community had no problems using it via their iPad.

              After reading your response, I decided to retry the function.  This time, it did not require me to perform a double-tap.  As soon as I clicked on the at-mention symbol, the Search field appeared immediately.

              I suspect that this will be the case going forward.

              I doubt that I would be able to reproduce unless I uninstalled and re-installed the app.  Again, it seems to work as expected now.