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    How to get the customer to return and mark the questions as answered?


      Running a Support Community, I think it is valuable to find out if people got a useful answer to their question.  If they return and mark it as assumed answered or correct answer then other folk will have a better idea if it is something they should try.  Of course, people do not do this.  If they have an answer, they are off working on the next issue.  If it did not work, they go off and try another way to find a solution.


      As a way to encourage folks to return and mark it, I was thinking of a campaign/contest.  I want to point up that marking it is a way to recognize and say thanks to the folks providing help. I was planning on handing out T-shirts and creating recognition boxes to showcase the people marking the questions and the people providing an answer.


      What do you think?  Can we shift behavior and get folks to mark them?  Is pointing out that this is a way to says Thanks (plus the chance to get a cool t-shirt) enough motivation?


      Anyone else had success with this?