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    Native iOS app auto redirects to video


      I was viewing our 4.5.6 community via the native iOS app:

      - view content in Connection activity stream

      - clicked on discussion of interest

      - app started loading content

      - before loading, app switched to mobile browser

      - returned to native app

      - discussion thread was loaded

      - noticed that there was a vid link in original thread

      - message being loaded seemed to have a vid embedded, but did not display in native app


      Therefore, I am not sure what caused the auto redirection

        • Re: Native iOS app auto redirects to video

          We have seen that embedded videos auto play in a new browser. We have fixed this and will deploy the fix in the next app update. The exact ETA is uncertain given that we need to go through Apple's app review process but I think it's safe to say that there will be an update within a month.


          - Brian