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    iPhone App Froze When I tried to add a photo to status update

    Ted Hopton

      Installed the new native iPhone App. Tested it out for our UBM Wiki community and tried to update my status. Clicked on the camera icon and opted to browse for a pic (I don't recall the wording on the button). That set of choices closed, showing me just the screen to update my status (as if I had never clicked the camera icon). Nothing worked after that on the screen. Frozen.


      Pressed the button on iPhone to navigate to another app, then came back and Jive app had closed. Tried to get back in and get an error when I try to access our site. However, the app let me access the Jive Community.


      Powered iPhone off and rebooted. Was able to get to our site again. Tried to update my status and selected a photo and completed the process correctly this time. However, the "Posting Status Update" message is taking a very long time. I suspect the photo was huge, as I had not edited it -- it's the original photo snapped with my iPhone 4s. It would be wise and wonderful if the app could shrink photos for you or at least warn you if they are too large to practically post from a phone.