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    Sharing blog posts & documents to Facebook - with preview images

      I'm wondering if anyone else has tried to tackle this issue. I'm trying to get the template setup so that if someone shares a blog post or document on Facebook, that the image within that post is shown as the preview. Since our Jive instance is external facing, this shouldn't be that hard right? I've thought about using the file attachments, and checking for an image, then dynamically populating an og:image tag, but I can't help but wonder if I'm missing something more obvious.

      Here's one of our pages with an image in it:

      Budgeting for Baby Purchases

      When you share it, the logo shows since it is written into an og:image tag, but Facebook doesn't pick up any other image when it Lints the page.....


      If anyone has any ideas or has worked on this I would love to about hear it.