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    Using email notifications to market to members?


      I am curious if anyone has used email notifications as an email marketing tool along side the the actual notification? Is there anyway to connect a subtle tailored marketing message based on topic/geographic location relevant to the member


      ie. If I'm signed up for email notifications on Travel Chicago Group - when I receive an email notification about something in the "Travel Chicago" group - I, the marketer could also use the email notification to advertise relevant products or services in Chicago. 


      If you could tailor your marketing message to the member who's signed up for email alerts on a topic they are interested in you would have more of a chance of selling to that person?


      Has anyone tried this?  Has it worked? Can I tailor email notifications based on group and geographic location currently in JIVE 4.5.3?

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          Jive actually does this with their emails. I think they add the information to the message footer. I remember finding out dates for JiveWorld this way the first year I was in my current role. And glad you mentioned it, because this is a great way for us to spread the world for our Jive5 upgrade (when the time comes)!

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              Great!  Thanks for letting me know - do you know if you're able to tailor fit the footer to change based on the member's location or what group they might be receiving the email notifications from?  I thought if there was it must be in the admin console...somewhere




              I was able to see this working in action when your email notification from this post you replied to