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    Hosting Jive software


      I am interested to discuss the various aspects of hosting the Jive software at our location. I am wondering how others are managing high availability given the constraints of living on a single sub-net. What kind of process is in place for DBAR? What do you use to monitor the underlying infrastructure? What version are you running? Any Hosting topics would be a welcomed discussion



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          Andrew Kratz Advanced

          Hi Bob,


          We were very interested in high availability as well to match some of our mission critical systems.  As you know, as a hosted solution that "hot - hot" type of offering does not exist.  But I think it is important clients do raise this point.  As critical mass grows of clients that require this then the market will drive this feature.  DBAR....not familiar with that acronym..Disaster Recover, of some sort I am guessing?  We do leverage the DR site that is a separate hosting site for Jive (via Sunguard) with I believe 24 hours of data loss (at most) and 48 hours of user down time (at most).  That aligns with other contracts we have  where we don't have high availability.  And that of course is for a true disaster at the primary site where Jive/Sunguard could not get the system up and running (famine, flood, fire etc.)...





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              yeah given the limitations of one subnet, hot-hot is not an option . What we currently have as a plan is hot-cold with file replication and DB replication. I think we could switch over in a matter of an hour and minimal data loss. I think Jive could make better use of their Voldemort cache service to make this more main stream and part of the product but I also understand it takes time to get this stuff into product releases. I think this kind of setup will also allow us to to updates/upgrades on one site and switch the active site once that is done. I am glad to see we are not the only one asking this kind of question and perhaps we can get a quorum big enough for Jive to actually do something about it!

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              Ryan Rutan Guru

              As a thought, might want to take this conversation to the Information Technology group.  Granted it's not fully grown yet, but might be a better place for the conversation to grow some legs. =)


              As for your feedback...I'm sending this along to some internal folks at Jive...to see what kind of thoughts they have on the subject.  Let me know how I can help facilitate further should you have the need. =)