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    enterprise "thank you" spaces




      I'm looking for examples of organizations who are hosting a "thank you" staff recognition space on their Jive community. 


      My organization just created such a space that we're piloting with a small group of staff.  Ours is set up so that users create a blog (brief description of the thanks) and use the @mention that alerts the person being thanked.  The most popular post so far was to a beloved cashier at the cafeteria and got 28 additional comments adding more thanks to the original post.


      Before we officially launch it would be great to learn from others on what worked, what to avoid, etc. I know Jive has a Rypple app so it would be interesting to hear from people using that, too. Grateful for any examples you can share!

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          This is a pre-V5 example that you could modify.  Our managers are very email centric.  Since getting a public  "good job" from your manager is a great thing, our EMEA folks created a Hat's Off program.  Any manager can send an email calling out some person or team that was doing a good job.  I expanded that so the emails are published in a community space.  Now the Great Job emails have public viewing.  You can use the create by email feature to provide everyone with that feature.


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            Andrew Kratz

            Hey Maggie,


            So we put together what I thought was a pretty interesting and cost effective solution in our shop.  We wanted to create an easy recognition ability as you described.  Some departments were creating their own social groups around this recognition concept and individuals were telling each other what a wonderful job such-and-such did on this project etc.. Our thought was that this was not sticky enough and for those that are not following that group it was going to get completely lost in the fire-hose of activity scroll.  Then we met the "Watch a Tag" widget....She had me at "Wa..."



            So we came up with this concept of putting on either our home page or a prominent group (such as HR, or a main business line, something that gets lots of traffic) the watch a tag widget that was configured to look for the tag "Kudo"  We put a llittle formatted text widget just above it with a clickable graphic saying something like "recognize your peers (click to learn more)"...you could click on it and it would take you to a document to explain with simple text and graphics how you simply need to put the word "Kudo" in the tag and your message will show up for all to see.  Because it was going to be on prime real estate (the whole company, or business line) everyone would see it.  So how cool is it to not only say "Thank you" but have that person get 15 min of fame as it shows up in lights on a main community or space page.


            So we did pilot this and there was excitement around it.  We have some other recognition programs (more formal) that were getting re-vamped and this idea got a bit lost in the shuffle of that process and did not launch.  Next time we launch first, apologize later


            I did see Rypple at Jive world and thought it was this same concept..only on steroids with loads of functionality.  But the watch a tag widget approach sort of makes it small, compact and single purpose just like an app and might get more traction on views and creates than a full fledged space or social group that ends up being "another place to go to".  We are all about putting things "in your workflow" (tattoo on arm under consideration)


            Hope that helps,



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                How cool!

                The "Watch a Tag widget" is one of my most favourites by far.  We were thinking about using it to surface the recognition in other places (e.g. HR, a regional page, etc) as you suggest, so glad to hear it's working out for you.

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                  Andrew, this is just flat out awesome and imaginative!

                  Could you cut/paste the contents of your document?  I'm looking forward to reusing your simple but effective idea!

                  We never do a good enough job at sharing kudos, do we?

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                      Andrew Kratz

                      Thanks Wally, it was a team effort.  Unfortunately, I am no longer at that client so I don't have access.  I could ask them privately to share but frankly it would be very easy to re-create.  It was just a few lines in a document (light instructions) in case some of our newbies didn't understand how to get their message into the box (a watch a tag widget set to look for #kudo.)


                      So all that was in the document was three pieces:


                      1) Explain the higher calling that we all should spend more time thanking and recognizing great work (like you said in your post).

                      2) Give an example... Type into a discussion or status update in a public/open place (that part is important because if it is in a private or secret place security won't let anyone else see it) - "Great Job Wally, you really went above and beyond on the XYZ project #kudo"

                      3) Explain the secret sauce - By adding the #kudo tag your message will appear on the home page in the "Great Work" (or whatever you are calling the widget) for all to see.


                      Someone who can turn a phrase can make this short, sweet and clear.


                      Good luck

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                    We're still in pilot mode with iThanks, but I wanted to add another story to this thread from a different organization:

                    I met with representatives from USAID’s internal communications team to learn more about the employee recognition platform they launched in February called the Gratitude Blog.  Similar to the examples here, one of the main criterion was to make it easy for people to participate. The team set up the blog on USAID’s Google Apps platform, and senior management were among the first to post thank yous to staff.


                    February 14, Valentine’s Day, was the official launch, and the internal communications team personally delivered small cards with information about the Gratitude Blog + Hershey’s Kisses to 3,500 desks in Washington. (This approach was well-received).


                    Within 24 hours, the site received over 1,000 hits and 50 entries, and Secretary Clinton gave the blog a shout-out during a Town Hall meeting the next day. (The first two minutes of the video offer a little intro, and at 8:50 the Secretary mentions the Gratitude Blog.)


                    “I love the idea. One of my words to live by, phrases to live by, is the discipline of gratitude, because I think that every one of us, every singe day - sometimes it’s harder than other days - has something to be grateful for.”