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    Implementing an exit survey?

      Has anyone implemented an exit survey within their external community using SurveyMonkey or another third-party tool?  Any advice or best practice suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!


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          I'd love to know the same thing. I'd like to ask 2 questions to users when they exit, but I only want to ask repeat users once per month.  That is, I don't want the survey to appear every time they exit. 

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            We implemented the SurveyMonkey popup on exit and have been getting great data out of it.  The survey seems to trigger more often than we want (we don't want it to repeat for a given user until 2 week cookie expires), which has resulted in some complaints but I think it was just something we had set wrong that has hopefully been fixed now.  Regardless we have gotten more and better feedback with this than anything else we have tried previously. 


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