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    How would you create a Glossary?


      I am looking for suggestions on how to create a Glossary in Jive. We are in the process of our initial rollout of Jive (haven't even named it yet!), and one of the things I am responsible for is getting all my communities on our current wiki to move over to the Jive platform. One of those communities is a Glossary, so it is truly "owned by all". I want to take the initiative and set one up in Jive, when the time comes, but am not sure the best way of going about it-- Create a group, then create pages for each entry (mostly acronyms)? There are several hundred glossary entries in the current glossary & i will probably enlist the help of the community and advocates along the way, so I want to keep the group open to all. I am also unsure of how people would search the Glossary (it is currently set up as an index, with the entire thing on one page, with anchor links to the beginning of each section (each letter of the alphabet). I believe we are going to turn off html for groups, so I can't do any fancy coding there (not that I have that skill set, but I am a good copy & paster when it comes to code!)


      All thoughts and suggestions appreciated!

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          My suggestion:

          1. Create 26 pages, each for one letter of the alphabet. Add just a little descriptive text to the top so that people know what to find and/or add to the page.
          2. Create an index page. Add the alphabet and link each letter to the 26 base pages you already created. Add text to the page to explain how to click on a letter to reach the page.
          3. On the overview page for your group, insert a View Document widget, and add the index page for display.
          4. Using the existing glossary, start populating the individual letter pages so that people get the idea for how to proceed.
          5. Enlist the help of your community to "complete" the information. This will give them some practice editing, they'll be contributing tot he community, and everyone will be able to feel good about and benefit from the results.
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            We have a giant glossary/acronym Confluence wiki with over 5000 entries that we're working on migrating into Jive right now. Each acronym has a separate page in Confluence titled along the lines of "CST (Central Standard Time)" so our users can use Confluence's spotlight search to quickly get definitions of words, and each acronym's page may contain additional information, like links to internal sites. To make sure we kept as much of our quick lookup functionality and information about each acronym as possible, here's the approach we're taking:


            1. Using the QuickTemplates Plugin, create a base template for each acronym which is like the old information's format
            2. On our overview page, post instructions to users about how to move acronyms over:
              1. Sign up for a letter to move (first letter of your first name, for example) - more than one person can help with each letter
              2. Use the template to create new acronyms, fill out the acronym and tag it with Business Unit or other applicable tags
              3. Once you've moved the acronym, delete the old page!
              4. Delete any duplicates or terms you know are out-of-date
            3. Our team makes changes to the wiki to reflect the changes - direct people to information about moving it to Jive, enable users to delete pages, and turn off the ability to create new pages
            4. Weekly blog post in the acronym group in Jive - feature users who have moved the most acronyms in the last week, and show status of the move (how many acronyms have been moved and how many pages remain in the old wiki)
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              We have a space on our Jive system called Wikividien that contain lots of useful information for employees. In particular, we have a large document consisting primarily of a table, called "Commonly Used Covidien Acronyms". It has had 286 updates so far and 15K views. Note that we often link to other locations on our Jive site from within the document. That helps keep it up to date and point people to useful locations.



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                  We created a very basic company glossary or dictionary last year and it's been working great.


                  We first went to all departments and asked for any existing glossaries or a list of common jargon used among their teams. Then we created a simple document where we list the terms (alphabetized) including a definition and a sentence where it is used. We also include a basic google form at the top where employees can suggestion an addition or modification, or request a new term. The glossary is hosted on our homepage and is used quite frequently, especially around Earnings when abbreviations abound.


                  Hope this helps!