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    Absorbing an independent user community


      Hello External CMs,


      Hoping you have some great use cases of branded communities successfully absorbing an independent user community.  This question goes beyond migrating forums, consolidating technologies and/or acquiring legacy communities via corporate acquisitions and mergers. My question is, is it the right thing to do?


      Here are a few pros and cons to use as discussion points.



      • Centralization - one destination for users
      • Growth Opportunity - Boost in content/activity, more SME networking opportunities, engagement with an even larger user base
      • Financial Burden - The independent user community no longer needs to bear the financial burden of the community technology platform
      • Focus - The independent user community can place focus on community development and not worry about administration and community management.



      • Independent user group loses their identity; possibly no longer seen as the independent voice of the users
      • Potential backlash from a community technology change and/or community technology gaps
      • Fear of being watched by and moderated by "Big Brother." Discussions and interactions have potential to no longer be genuine.
      • The gap between engaged members and non-contributors grows larger.


      Thoughts? Reactions? Gut responses?