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    Consumerization of IT - Ready or not, what's your take?

    Ryan Rutan Guru

      The topic of all topics it appears over the past year.  As mobile devices and consumer services storm the enterprise, IT professionals are forced with a challenging dilemma:  to work or not to work with these paradigms.  On one hand, you have the massive upswing potential that comes from equipping your users with tools they feel help them be more efficient.  On the other, you have a security nightmare trying to audit, track, and maintain a secure enterprise.  And somewhere in the middle lies the true victims; the unused legacy enterprise suites tasked with maintaining order over data and security.


      But as this article suggests,


      Is this a function of consumerization by mobile or facebook? Or perhaps a generational shift towards  empowering the employee-base?


      • Where do you stand in the midst of this massive surge?
        • Playing catch-up or leading the pack?
      • Finding success in stopping the surge or working with it?  
        • How has social business software helped you prepare/manage this situation?


      Any point of views or best practices on how you've achieved success, I'm sure, would be greatly appreciated by others in this group.


      My opinion:

      For most users, the option to use something that is off-the-shelf from the consumer market, starts with the fact that many institutions are built upon systems whose bedrock principles were established in the sunset era of Web 1.0.  Which means, UI (User Interface) is actually an SI (System Interface), and UX quality is measured by the number of pop-up windows ... more so than the number of full screen refreshes.  The words slow, inefficient, and cumbersome frequently come to mind.  No wonder users go off in the "spare time" and look for a better way.  If you can find a way to curb (not eliminate) the desire to search for something better, you may be able to get a foot-hold to actually address the problem.  I believe social business software will be instrumental for IT to regain this foot-hold.

      Below are what I consider to be the most important aspects of a fully rounded social business solution:

      • 1st class User Experience (UX).  Not SI, and more than UI.  UX = Fluidity with extreme contextually relevant interactions.
      • Inspired direction and adoption of leading consumer communication trends to build enterprise communication paradigms.
      • Apps Market capabilities to integrate with the growing number of enterprise service providers.
      • Technology frameworks in place to enable rapid niche development and social extensions as needed by the enterprise.

      What do you think?