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    Ability to Delegate Access Rights in Jive

    Jeffrey Murnan

      Our CIO and CEO have communications people that help write employee announcements, news, ect.  We would like for these people to post material on the behalf of our executives.


      Does anyone else have this use case and found a way to handle?  I vaguely remember hearing something about this at Jive World, but was not sure.


      I asked Jive Support and got the following response:

      This is not an option OOTB and would require some customization to complete from their user account. I was trying to think of a way to accomplish this via some REST/CORE service calls, but there are not any that will allow you to do this. The closest you could get would be to add them as authors on to blogs. However, the posts would still show up as the person who wrote its user account.


      I am sure that this could be possible if you customize your application in some way. This could be done by creating a plugin that would allow this functionality to exist within your environment. Our Developer space contains much information about how to create a new plugin, as well as users who would be more than willing to assist with any issues that come about performing this.


      Another alternative would be to contact Jive Professional Services. They would be able to customize the application to perform in any way that you would like for it to. For more information on this option, please contact your account manager.


      Let me know if you have any further questions.