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    Ideation overview and best practices? Ideation training videos for use?


      I am creating a document that describes ideation and discusses idea best practices...

      Wondering if others have created something like this, and has it been shared?


      Also wondering if there are some training videos I could embed in my document.

      i.e. could I get a copy of the video on this page to embed in my internal document on Jive?

      Collaborative Ideation Software for Employee Idea Generation - Jive

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          Hi Kevin,


          When we implemented, I borrowed a lot of information from the Jive Community Ideation space. I admit to also getting things from other community members, but it wasn't posted in here. We haven't been live with Ideation long enough that I feel confident that we have the best practices bit nailed. I know Bryce Williams has more experience with it than we do. Maybe he has something he'd be willing to share.

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              Sorry it has taken me a few days to come back to this one. I was on vacation a week back and have been catching up.


              I probably can't share anything pre-prepared...but I can share some general observations / things that we do.  Or if you have any specific questions for me I can try to answer as well as I can.  Some of my primary practices:


              - We have created an open space for general "ideation"...in addition to allowing people to add ideas to their own groups / spaces. It is positioned as the "home for ideas" and a place for ad hoc ideas on any topic when an existing community (or at least a public one) doesn't already exist for that topic.  It is also where we have all of our help / training / communications for our ideas service. 

              - As a team, if ideas are submitted in this space, we have a pre-determined threshold that we use to determine if we are going to "help" the idea get prioritized by the impacted business area...if it hasn't already been picked up organically. We reach out to impacted business area leaders to make them aware of ideas that pass our voting threshold and encourage them to engage with the followers and voters on their plans with the idea. Sometimes this works, some times it doesn't. But we try.

              - We have configured the widgets in that open space to aggregate all of the top and recent idea activity from across the entire platform. So it is basically the "home for ideas" to not only submit, but also discover and contribute to some ideas in different areas they may not be normally following.

              - In addition to having people that manage their own groups decide on whether they want to use ideas within that group, we've created some documentation and processes to support "idea events"...where people can create a new group dedicated to a specific business challenge or a time-boxed window to collect ideas in short bursts.  We provide a template group with an optimal widget layout for an idea event, that we then instruct event owners to copy that group layout when creating their new event group.  We then help them figure out the fate of that event group after the event (move the top ideas to another group and delete the event group, keep the group for further collaboration, export the ideas to an XLS to be moved to a Sharepoint list for formal project management tracking, etc.)

              - We also had someone organically created a group called "Saving Lilly Money"...which was just a place for people to submit ad hoc ideas when they see an opportunity to save the company money, even in small ways. It has been pretty popular and has generated some pretty interesting ideas. It is open so all the ideas there also get displayed in our open "home for ideas" space.


              Those are generally some things we are doing to help support the service and create more awareness about the possibilities. If you have more questions let me know.

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              Andrew Kratz

              Your creating documentation and multi-media guides to help your community understand how to leverage the ideation module, right?  Why not show them?  As part of the team that rolled out Jive, your core team decides where they spend their limited resources you have, right?.  Create a high-profile group or space that allows the community to help prioritize a portion of your future work leveraging the ideation module.  It will provide for a number of benefits:

              • The community will feel empowered to influence the direction of the platform.  They get very excited when you mark an idea as "delivered!".
              • You will get quantitative feedback that you might not be able to act on but will serve as good data points to work with your Jive team as they set their future product roadmap
              • You can use this as a public way to demonstrate the progress you are making as you install new plugins, migrate content, link to other company resources etc..
              • Oh yes, and you will show them how to leverage the ideation module which is even better than having them read about it.


              We did this as a group called "<insert community name> Feedback Group" and had it hang right off the main community landing page.  The feedback group landing page featured the "top ideas" widget to show front and center all of the trending ideas.  In the early months when community members posted questions that were really suggested improvements we would respond to the discussion "posted your feedback as an idea <here> so the community can vote on it and prioritize our work".  After a while (ok, a long while) the community starting doing it themselves.


              The only caution is to be careful what you wish for.  You will get lots of ideas and voting and you need to stay current on updating the status "delivered, coming soon, etc.."   So you need to have a discipline around this to keep it maintained.


              Hope this helps,



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                  Good suggestion Andrew. We have done this as well, but haven't received as many submissions to date as I would have liked. You could interpret those results two ways:

                  1) People are satisfied for the most part (people are never satisfied)

                  2) We haven't advertised / positioned it well enough to be properly utilized for this purpose!


                  Ha.  But agreed, a great way to demonstrate the capability.

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                      Andrew Kratz

                      As I am thinking more about it I do recall quite a bit of investment on the core teams part to "prime the pump".  I am pretty sure I have a lot of ideas out there that I created myself.  Not because they were mine, but more because I was trying to get the community to input an idea for a suggestion instead of just complain in a discussion.  The other thing we did that I didn't mention was put our backlog of improvements in as ideas.  It not only adverstised what work we are doing but also gave them another example of the ideation workflow.  That took time to do, but I think was also helpful to get the community thinking about how they can leverage the ideation module.

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