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    Re-using Jive 5 User Training Videos

      (Posted this in the Jive 5 User Training group as well, and wanted to hear from other Community Managers- thanks!)


      Nearly three years ago, we spent lots of $$$ to create our our own customized user training videos for our initial launch of iCHING (what we call our current Jive 4x version). Now we're moving into our 5x upgrade and away from pricey/complicated customizations... but our old training videos are now outdated! I am so tempted to save us thousands and re-use, not all but, a majority of these videos, with Jive's permission.


      Fellow Customers: Did/do you use videos as part of your Jive 5 training strategy? Anyone here reuse Jive's "Jive 5 User Training" videos viewable to your company users?


      It just doesn't make sense to me for us to spend a bunch of time and money to re-create something that the experts already have prepared!


      Jive: I've been encouraged to "reuse whatever is helpful", thank you for making it easier on us! How do I get access to these videos? We didn't purchase the video module , but if I can get copies of the video files I can have our internal support emb91bed them for us via Brightcove. Can you help?

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          John Schwiller

          From  Education Pricing Catalog


          Training Videos and Quickstart Guides - $3990


          Reduce time spent training your community members or answering technical questions, by embedding these effective learning materials  in your Jive community.

          This package includes the following educational resources:

            • User Training Videos - series of 18 training videos covering everything from connecting with people, to posting a discussion or bookmarking important content.
            • Quickstart Guides - series of 30 one-page "how to" documents that you can load into a Training or Getting Started group, designed for easy comprehension and improved confidence.
            • Admin Training Videos - series of training videos focusing on administrative tasks like creating spaces, configuring permissions, or administering user passwords.


          We've used the 4.5+ ones on our 4.5 instance but not bought the 5.0 ones yet, although clients in process will. They are also included in the sliver and gold accelerator packs.


          BTW your profile reminded me of Parc Guell - fab.

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            John Schwiller

            Does anyone know if Vimeo Pro or other feature can be used for 'secure' external storage where the content is not 'public'?


            Vimeo FAQ