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    TOC modifications


      Hi guys,


      some of our staff create relative huge jive documents. They the TOC macro for easier navigation and find in some cases the TOC is getting quite large in itself. So they asked me can we modify or parametrize the TOC macro that it only shows selected headings, eg. only headings 1 and 2?




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          can answer my own question with a little help from our developers


          • modify the custom-css.ftl file and add

            /* add TOC option showing only heading 1 and 2 for Jive documents */

            #toc2 .toc ul ul ul {

               display: none;


          • In the document where you want to use it, add the standard TOC, switch to the html editor and edit the code slightly from:

            <img class="jive_macro jive_macro_toc" src="/4.5.7/images/tiny_mce3/plugins/jiveemoticons/images/spacer.gif" jivemacro="toc" />


            <div id="toc2"><img class="jive_macro jive_macro_toc " src="/4.5.7/images/tiny_mce3/plugins/jiveemoticons/images/spacer.gif" jivemacro="toc"  /></div>