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    Not Appreciating SharePoint Connector

      Users at our company are getting frustrated with Jive's SharePoint connector. Every time someone socializes their SharePoint thousands of posts hit our stream.  A post is created for every document in the SharePoint library. This pushes all of the current content down the stream.  We have only been online for a year...so our users do not have a lot of social media experience.  With more experience, I believe that our community members would be able to work through this.  But most new users have contacted me that they were disappointed that there post was no longer visible.


      Also, this activity skews the points.  In other words people who haven't contributed very much at all in the past are now ranked as leaders because they socialized their SharePoint and gained points for almost 2,000 posts made during the socialization.


      Anyone else use SHarePoint connector? Anyone else having these frustrations?


      By the way we are using Jive 4.5.5. and SharePoint 2007

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          Damon,  I'm sorry about this --- let me look into this tomorrow and follow up with you...we want you to be happy with the Connector...

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            Damon – thanks for getting back to me via email.  As mentioned, we believe that a newer version of the connector may actually address your concerns.  However, let's plan to discuss this further during our upcoming conference call.   I look forward to meeting with you. 

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              Hi Damon - I did get a chance to compile some notes on this topic and am posting for your reference and possibly others who have a similar question.  You or your team are welcome to reach out to me if you'd like to continue the discussion.





              Based on our knowledge, Spirit AeroSystems is on Jive SBS 4.5 with version 1.5 of the SharePoint Connector.   


              The main issues are:

              • Activity stream noise from SharePoint documents
              • Inflated points from SharePoint content on the activity feed


              In SPC version 1.6 and 5.0, documents from SharePoint are flag as "old" based on their created/modified date in SharePoint if it is before ~24 hours after the socialization time.  This approach was taken because the activity time cannot be changed (which is the key piece of data) within the plugin.  SPC goes past the immediate socialization time to allow for a buffering process where the initial socialization can involve multiple RSS requests from Jive to SharePoint to get all of the documents.


              Those documents that are flagged as old are removed from email notifications in SBS 4.5 and SBS 5.0, and also removed from the activity feed in SBS 5.0.  So, item #1 above is addressed in SBS 5.0, but not for SBS 4.5. If necessary it may be possible to address this as a patch for SPC v1.6.


              The second issue around inflated points has not been addressed yet, but can likely follow the same pattern where "old" documents are not awarded points.  Jive’s dev team will discuss with others the option of technical feasibility and making this more configurable (maybe a weighting for SharePoint content that can be as low as 0 points per document).  Again, it may be possible to do this as a patch.


              With SharePoint socialization the default option is for the owner/author in Jive to match the last modified user from SharePoint. However within the "SharePoint Location" defined within the Jive admin console you can change this behavior to have an override user when the SharePoint user does not have write access to the Jive place or override the user in all cases.  If this were done (not sure if Spirit AeroSystems does this) then the points for the override user could really get inflated.  If feasible, we will look into having points turned off in the override case but would still want the document to show as recent activity (if it is really recent).


              For Spirit AeroSystems an upgrade to SPC to 1.6 is recommended and ideally an upgrade to Jive SBS 5.0 / SPC 5.0 to get the activity stream noise issue resolved immediately.  Other improvements in SPC 1.6/5.0 that may be of interest to Spirit AeroSystems include:


              • The socializer can now choose to not include subsites from the socialization screen.  In SPC v1.5 you had to go to subsites and tell each one not to inherit Jive site settings to prevent subsites from being part of the activity feed.
              • The socializer can now choose what document libraries to include in the socialization screen.  In SPC v1.5 it takes all document libraries in the site (and likely subsites).
              • The socializer can now choose a start date from the socialization screen such that any documents that were last modified before the start date do not show in the activity feed until they are modified after socialization.  In SPC v1.5 it retrieved all documents regardless of their last modified date.
              • Email notifications were removed for "old" SharePoint documents.  In SPC v1.5 this only occurred if email notifications were turned on and users had joined the target Jive place before socialization and there were a lot of old documents coming over in the activity feed.
              • Remote entitlements are much better.
              • Users across multiple domains are supported.
              • Identity mapping is supported.