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    Weeding out duplicates in your community

      Hello All -


      I'm interested to learn about best practices for preventing duplicate or nearly-duplicate groups and subspaces in Jive. I was under the impression that social communities would naturally weed out duplicates as members found the most pertinent/interesting content and flocked to it. But as I'm new to the community management game, I am interested to know how proactively I should be searching for duplicates and weeding them out.




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          I'm cleaning up some oldies but goodies and this is a goody!


          Cleaning up duplicate groups is a manual process but easily manageable if you handle it on a regularly scheduled basis.  I like to do it first thing Friday mornings with a recurring 30 minute event on my calendar.  Because I do it weekly it goes quickly and you don't end up with a duplicate that is gaining ground.  You just run the Places Activity report in the CMR, export it to CSV, and filter by create date.  Take a look at the groups created in the last week and evaluate them.  Here's the flow I follow:



          The added benefit is you can also catch any potentially inappropriate groups, whether they violate code of conduct or aren't allowed by governance in your org (like social interest groups).