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    Anyone implemented the Outlook Connector for their internal community?


      We are getting ready to pilot the Outlook Connector for our internal community. The initial group will be about 25 people and ultimately we will be rolling it out to our global users (~4500 people)


      We are using LDAP authentication for our group. I am interested in any feedback other customers have had with the Connector. Specifically:


      • What was your approach to pushing the Connector to the user desktops?
      • What was your approach for training?
      • If using LDAP authentication, did you run into any user account issues? (e.g. lockouts?)
      • How has Outlook performance been impacted? If negative, how has the user community reacted?


      Thanks for any insight!

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          We're in a sort of beta stage, letting a few people test it out before we go to a wider audience. We don't use LDAP, and I suspect our challenges will be different in that we don't have a central IT, so getting the client out to the individual populations is likely to be a challenge.


          In terms of performance, I am curious whether the Outlook performance issues I'm personally running into are related tot he Connector. I've been using it since before JiveWorld, and I work from home on a DSL line that is sometimes spotty, so I never really know what to chalk the performance issues up to.


          I'd love to hear how roll-out is going for others, though.

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              Tracy -


              No feedback from anyone on this so far! I posted a follow up question in the Education Space to see if I can track down some materials.


              From what we've experienced so far (and it is limited users), I would say the Outlook Connector definitely slows down the start up of Outlook. In terms of the overall usage, it is slower as it is pulling information down from Jive. I anticipate mixed reviews on the performance from our user base. Some won't mind due to the increased functionality...others will abandon it.


              We are starting with about 20 users in two locations (Chicago area and UK) and then will expand to about 30-50 users around the globe.


              We also made the decision last week to make the Outlook Connector and Office Connectors optional for users. They'll be able to download it via our "On Demand" software.


              Finally, I have not seen any performance impact on the Office Connector. I am finding the Office Connector to be a huge bonus and extremely helpful when collaborating with people. There is some learning curve with it, but it is relatively straight forward.

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                  I'm sure the Office Connector will be a big hit. I've got people standing in line to use it. Working on the upgrade to 5.0 first, and will then tackle testing and getting funding for Office. Outlook, we got the free licenses after JiveWorld, and it was pretty straightforward, so I thought I could work on that alongside 5.0 stuff.


                  The issues I run into (and am not sure where the problem is):

                  1. Speed pulling info down from the server. And I wonder - if it is slow here (US), what will it be like in UK or China. My China person did say the speed is an issue for her.
                  2. Sometimes when I am typing an email, a whole bunch of characters get dropped. So parts of words are missing when I'm done, words are shoved together, several words in a row go missing. And I know it isn't just a whole ton of types on my part, because I don't experience it in other programs. Just email. Not sure if it is because of the Connector, though. We're also testing out Outlook in the cloud, and I happen to be on that pilot. Wondering if this is related or not. I suspect not - that it IS the Connector slowing things down. Just not certain.