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    Following People--Why Is It Important?


      This may seem like a very basic question, but our community does not currently allow people to follow other people.  We'd like to turn this feature back on, but we need to create a business case for why it's important for us to have this and what benefits it brings to the community, so it can be approved.  Having searched around a bit in this forum, to me it looks like the advantages are threefold:


      1.  Following people allows you to receive email notifications about their goings-on

      2.  It allows you to filter on people you are Following in the What Matters - Activity Stream

      3.  In some way, the people you are following (who are your "connections") impact how the recommendations engine works that powers What Matters


      Does all this sound correct, and is my understanding of the What Matters engine right (and can the engine even work properly if Following people is turned off)?  Does anybody have any additional ideas about why Following people is important, or cool stories from their communities about how it helped people?  Does anyone have the Following "handshake" implemented, where you have to approve someone's request before they can follow you, and how do you like it?


      Any feedback would be REALLY appreciated!