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    The missing 'Your View' is sorely missed by several users


      Going back to a topic that Julie Sowell raised a couple of months back Please bring back Your View (or my personalized view)


      A lot of our users had become power users of this view and 5.0, while bringing a bunch of goodies has really shaken them off the habits that we'd encouraged them to adopt on the previous version of Jive. While I understand the rationale behind your decision, here are the problems:

      • users could find what they cared for, on one screen as opposed to 4-5 different places today
      • the ability to watch a tag or aggregate RSS feeds that you cared about is missing
      • the ability to create a home page that brought together your social activity on the platform and links to other apps in the enterprise is missing. This was big for us, since a lot of users had started using Jive as their homepage for the intranet


      While your product management strategy is appreciable, I can't imagine we're the only organisation facing this difficulty.


      What options do we have here? Is Jive thinking of bringing back 'Your View' anytime soon? Can it be an additional module for us to plugin?