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    The missing 'Your View' is sorely missed by several users


      Going back to a topic that Julie Sowell raised a couple of months back Please bring back Your View (or my personalized view)


      A lot of our users had become power users of this view and 5.0, while bringing a bunch of goodies has really shaken them off the habits that we'd encouraged them to adopt on the previous version of Jive. While I understand the rationale behind your decision, here are the problems:

      • users could find what they cared for, on one screen as opposed to 4-5 different places today
      • the ability to watch a tag or aggregate RSS feeds that you cared about is missing
      • the ability to create a home page that brought together your social activity on the platform and links to other apps in the enterprise is missing. This was big for us, since a lot of users had started using Jive as their homepage for the intranet


      While your product management strategy is appreciable, I can't imagine we're the only organisation facing this difficulty.


      What options do we have here? Is Jive thinking of bringing back 'Your View' anytime soon? Can it be an additional module for us to plugin?


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          Hi Sumeet,


          For your information, this feature is still  available in Jive 5.

          You have just to activate it in the admin console under SYSTEM>Settings>Home Page.


          Once done, you will see a new menu item called home on the left of activity stream icon :


          Hope that's help you!



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            Kara Francis

            I just held a focus group with some new and experienced users as we prepared to upgrade from 4.5 to 6.  The topic of the focus group was the home page - or what they wanted their "entryway" to look like when they first opened Jive.


            Although this post is from 2012, I thought that I would respond.


            Your view came up a lot in the discussion.  They too were disappointed that it was gone.  I'm trying to put together a remedy job aid for people who relied on the "your view" page.  "If you are used to using the Your View.... here is what you will want to do after we upgrade...."  How did you guys solve your users' needs?


            Does anyone know what product management has said about this feedback?  It sounds like this feedback has been shared for a couple of years.

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                Ted Hopton

                The majority of complaints were about the loss of Your View when upgrading to Jive 5, which offered no similar customization option. You are upgrading to Jive 6, where Jive responded to this need by offering Custom Activity Streams. I don't think you'll have too much trouble persuading people that they can get nice levels of personalization by using custom activity streams. It is a change from Your View, yes, but it's a good option.

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                    Kara Francis

                    True (that your topic was about 5, but I guess I felt that it still applied to 6).  The custom streams weren‘t enough for my focus group participants, since they wanted to see the widget-type look and feel (they wanted their own ”home page” with the ”custom streams” embedded onto that home page) - so not just the latest updates all in one long list (or multiple lists if they create separate streams).  But if this is the only resolution, I will just work on selling those as the substitute.

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                        Ted Hopton

                        There truly is enhanced functionality with streams. You can read, reply, like and share without leaving the page. That means less time waiting for new pages to load. It means quickly dealing with items and moving on the next one without having to go away and come back, needing to recall where you left off. It's a more efficient way to work, once you get used to it.

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                            Kara Francis

                            I get this - I find them useful, it is helping others be convinced that this meets their needs.  Maybe it will just take time.

                            Thanks for your help.

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                              Coincidentally, I just got this same question from a user on our site, even though we have been on 5.0 for a year. Here is my response:



                              The "Your View" was discontinued a year ago when we upgraded. There are many other workarounds, but without knowing what specific use you found in the Your View, it is hard to list out all of the possible workarounds. Here are a few most common:




                                1.  To see a list of all the Places (groups, projects, lobbies) that you follow, click Places>Following. You can also pin this view so you see it every time you click Places. You can do the same with Content and People.


                                2.  To hard-code links to your most-used groups or content, edit the Links menu in the global nav.


                                3.  To track activity from the places (groups/projects) that you are most interested in, go to those places and click Track in Inbox. All activity will show in your Inbox stream, and you can respond inline to any comments right from the stream. You can also mark which ones you have already read.


                                4.  To see groups or content you have recently visited, click the History icon (clock) next to the search bar. This will allow you to quickly jump back into whatever you were working on, and it is carried across browsers and sessions.


                                5.  If you need additional widgets like RSS feeds or Watch a tag, create a secret or private group for yourself and a link to it to the "links" menu in the global nav.




                              In the next version, which will be released in a few weeks, you will be able to create a custom stream for each group you follow, or for a set of groups. That way you can easily click into the activity stream for the group, or click the Group name that appears in any update to navigate there directly. You will also have menus available in the Search bar to see your Content/Places history (as in the current version) as well as your most frequently viewed Content/Places, making it even easier and faster to find "your stuff."



                              Hope that helps.



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                                  Kara Francis

                                  You totally just taught me something!  I didn‘t realize that we could pin the default for people, places, and content.  I knew that you could on the home page, but not the other menus.  Thank you!  This will help some of the people with the concern.  We are upgrading to 6 (from 4.5) in November and I‘m really trying to prepare for all of the questions, concerns, etc. that will be coming. 


                                  The rest of your comments are also very helpful.

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                            We found that only a very small percentage of users have used the Your View functionality. It's true this group is over-represented by power users and key stakeholders, but at the end of the day it just hasn't been a feature that has been widely adopted. Perhaps your case is different, but in our experience the feature was underutilized which I'm not sure was not unusual - hence the rationale for changing this function in more recent Jive releases.