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    How to create a reccurent task


      Hello Everybody


      How can I create in Jive a recurrent task - the task form is really basic- Is it possible to customise it with? Or can we import an excel list as Task_ list (like in Sharepoint with the feature Import spreadsheet.)


      Thank you in advance for your help and support


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          HI Marie Elise,

          We don't have a recurring task setting in Jive, but you have hit on the common work around.


          1. Create a Project to contain the task
          2. Create an instance of the 'to be' recurring task in the Project
          3. Export tasks, making the selections for all tasks, user name and if you want an Excel encoded CSV file - save the export to your local computer.
          4. Edit the local copy of your CSV now, remember to observe the correct date format!

          Should you get the dates wrong, you will get a chance to edit each task individually prior to import.

          1. Save and import the CSV into the project
          2. Each new instance of the task will need a new ID, if you don't assign one or use one that is already used, the Platform will automatically assign a correct one.
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            Hello Jez


            Thank you for your prompt reply:

            Two questions


            How do I create this instance

            An How to export Tasks - below the actions I can perform on Jive Tasks


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                Hi Marie Elise

                You create the Project from the Create menu:

                create Project.jpg

                Once you have your project, then your actions should include the import/export tasks as here:

                project actions.jpg

                So this functionality is all to do with projects and not personal tasks - hope this clarifies

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                    Hi Jez,


                    If I wanted to set up daily, weekly or monthly updates sent from our Jive community to people in a certain group with discussions and uploads do you think announcements is a better way to do it or should I create a project and create them as tasks?

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                        Hi Deepah,

                        If you want to ensure all members of a group get an update then announcements in that group are going to appear in each members' Communications Stream, and they can link to the other content you want to draw their attention to.

                        If you want to ensure you remind yourself to do it, then setting up a project and assigning yourself the repeating task to create the announcements will help to manage your workload as you will get you Actions stream alerting you of impending due tasks


                        Is this what you were asking?