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    Bridging Component Experience




      I am looking to understand the bridging component better and I thought someone from this community may be able to help me. I understand how it works in general but I wanted to paint our scenario and see if it makes sense for us, based on how others are using it.


      We have a community of users that can only gain access to our site via common access card authentication. This common access card contains the user's identity and provides us the metadata to populate their profile etc. However not everyone has access to these "smart" cards and we are thinking about creating another community for those type of users.


      In our case we would have people in the internal community create content and push content to the external, and possibly vice-versa. Then these external users who cannot access the internal community may contribute to that content.


      Here are some questions:


      • What happens when an external user comments on a discussion in the external community that was pushed from the internal? Does the original poster of that content from the internal community get a notification even if they don't have access to the external community?
      • Will the internal community users have access to the external community to collaborate with the external users, or do they need to register to both sites?
      • Users in our internal community have unique usernames. If the external community allows registration we can't be assured that those usernames will be unique from the internal communities usernames. If external content is pushed to the internal how do you deal with this issue?
      • If external content is pushed to internal are the same names on the content clickable? Meaning if Joe Smith writes a post in Community B and that post is shared in Community A. Will Community A's users be able to click on Joe Smith's name to access his profile even if Joe Smith isn't in Community A? Will it link to his Community B profile?


      Hopefully these make sense and I look forward to getting your feedback.




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          HI Todd,  Did you ever get answers to your questions here?   I am looking for the same information.

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              John Schwiller

              Just a brief reply. Bridging is fairly old tech although still available. Jive now has other features that you night look at first, for example externally accessible groups, limited doc access to just specified docs in a private group, possibly stream integration from another site etc. I think I'd start by re-indentifying the requirements in a non-solutionising way and then seeing how it could be built (hopefully with a single instance).


              There are also alternative authentication mechanisms for different segments, perhaps using Okta.