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    What is your main focus as a Community Manager?


      Hi All - I think there are likely many definitions of what a Community Manager does in their role, but I'd be curious what being a Community Manager means to you for your role?


      For example, in my role I am focused on identifying insights from discussions on our Community, sharing them with the business to incorporate into better business processes and then tracking the actions that result from the insights that we share with the business units.  Is there anyone else out there that has this "insights management" as a main or entire focus in their role as Community Manager?  I recently attended a small Community Manager conference (<100 CMs) and seemed like I was the only one there that had this as a majority focus in my role. Just curious if anyone else has this unique role?




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          Hi Nicole. I have not been a CM very long, but I will take a shot at this. I think there is an evolutionary cycle for each CM. Actions change as the CM moves along the community life cycle. Since it's Spring, hope you like the analogy.


          Prep work - evangelism, education, UAT, documentation, training plans, goals/metrics

          Planting - communication, training, more evangelism, pre-load sites, launch

          Tending - more communication, more hands on training, more evangelism, watching user behaviors, reviewing metrics, reporting goal progress, fixing issues

          Harvesting - higher level communications, working with IT on improvements, demonstrating progress benefits, using data for roadmap decisions


          Certainly, this is not an exhaustive actions list. Sounds like you are more in the "tending" and "harvesting" cycle.


          Hopefully, the more experienced CMs will jump on this meme and amplify on this.