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    Jive Internal Homepage


      Hi all,


      Contrary to popular belief not all homepages are designed first ! We are looking to put up a quick homepage over the top of our three month old pilot - which used the Places over page as the default homepage.


      Our aims are to both respond to feedback it has become increasingly difficult to navigate when you land on the Places page - especially as a newcomer - and also to help provide some context around the tool to help boost understanding of how to use it, our aims and obviously to help strengthen the pilot through people's willingness to use it. Hopefully a homepage will help us on this journey.


      I have provided a high level overview of the widgets / elements of the homepage we are thinking about..any feedback and experiences around it would be very helpful?

      What have others found on the homepage that have been resounding successes?

      What have been abject failures?

      Comments, suggestions, questions welcomed....


      Blog widget

      Sponsor of the pilot, invites new and existing users to follow the story of Jive at the organisation, providing business objectives, demonstrates high level buy in for the platform, introduces people to the concept of blogging.  Pilot users should be invited to read, comment and follow the blog and to begin their own blog. Each blog post will remind employees that the site is active and running.


      Welcome to the Jive Pilot

      A short / sharp note from the pilot team welcoming new and existing users to the homepage with an acknowledgement that Jive is a working pilot and the homepage is an attempt to respond to feedback about providing context.  Followed by three basic steps eg ‘Do this first’ to get begin using Jive.  Each step will link to existing or new Jive threads detailing instructions in simple terms.  Steps should include fundamental basics: 1. Creating a profile 2. Updating your status. 3. Visit your space.  Emphasis should be placed on the ease of completing these steps eg ‘5 minutes and you are up and running’.


      Spaces Widget

      Utilising HTML, this widget should give users an at a glance view of each space that make up the content in Jive or where the ‘magic happens’ - the content will be static so this will require only basic information such as the Space icon and title. Spaces should also highlight a new Water Cooler space and Help space (getting started?).


      Recent Blog Posts

      A widget directly OOTB providing the most recent blog posts.  Gives users a feel for the freshest most current content and emphasizes the blogging function. Encourages users to keep their blogs up to date to get on the homepage. The number of blog posts should be kept at a number which doesn’t fall too far below the screen fold.


      Help widget

      A reference point for users to get help for the most used and fundamental functions of Jive. Can utilise a simple HTML list to new and existing Jive content Link to a  FAQ page can be used to provide users with an exhaustive list of short simple most asked questions and answers.


      Additional considerations?

      Adding text to the icons in the global header where possible, users will better understand what the activity, communications, actions, history and bookmarks icons me