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    Success stories - please share


      I am hopeful people are keen to share your success stories in implementing Jive from a business owner and sponsor perspective


      - What are the really great stories that came out of your beginning of your Jive journey ?


      - How did you best ascertain these stories ?


      Really interested in hearing about how people succeeded - this should be a great learning for all Internal Community Managers attempting to champion the platform or continue your existing success by understanding key drivers of tool.

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          Andrew Kratz

          I recall one of the early stories that came out of our implementation was one of tapping into underutilized talent.  There was a talented employee that had spent a few years out of college working on among other things, web site search engine optimization (SEO).  She had a position with a product group, which was part of a business line, which was part of a division, and ultimately part of a 20,000+ person company (she was deep in the organization).   


          When our jive implementation launched there were other product areas that had resources interested in best practices around SEO and they would post questions or comments to one another.  A group or two sprung up around the topic.  This young talent started interacting, answering and providing thought leadership to the point where she was clearly the most important SEO asset in the company. 


          I recall having a review meeting with the president of the division where we told this story.  As we explained the impact their employee was having not only across groups in his division but across the company, the president was turning toward his two other colleagues in the room trying to get a sense if anyone knew this person.  No one ever heard of her. 


          Although this was the most prominent, there were several stories like this where resources deep in the organization, that have expertise can become "rock stars".  It is a win-win as the employee probably never felt more valued than being fully leveraged for the knowledge they have.  Additionally, the company is certainly better off for leveraging talent they already pay to improve their products and services.

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              Great success story!   It is unfortunate but most people are only seen as the current job description.  We all have skills and expertise that may be on the resume but are not visible to other folks in the company.  By creating groups of interest and having people self select, we do not need the costly and unworkable skills matrix that a number of companies try to use to get at this hidden knowledge.


              It is also easier for people to volunteer and help if they have chosen to be part of a group.  Make sure to highlight her with a recognition widget on the main page.


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                Thanks Andrew - that is great !


                How did you get the SEO rock star story and any others ?