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    Do you commit to an SLA for the time to review content from customers

      Do you have stated SLAs for the time it will take a Community Mgr to review content published by customers to ensure nothing 'bad' has been posted?


      As a young community (rolled out in Nov 2011), we have been asked "How often are posts reviewed?", "Has fast will something bad be taken down?", "What if someone posts something bad at 1 am on a Saturday night? Will it sit there until Monday morning?"


      All of our community members use their profile from our main customer portal and have their name associated with their Community profile.

      We do not allow guest posts.

      We have Report Abuse threshold set to 1, so anything flagged will be removed for moderation.

      We have Profanity Filters setup.

      We do NOT have any Keyword Interceptors setup yet (the keywords identified by Legal would result in many false positives at this time).


      So far the velocity of content is pretty low, especially in the off hours and weekends, but that doesn't alleviate some of the 'concern' that has been expressed.sL


      Do others with customer facing communities, have a stated SLA for review of customer content? Did you have to address similar concerns when you rolled out?