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    Sharing the space administrator role and content management


      We have spaces for which the space administrator role is team-based, with two people responsible for the space. One of their responsibilities is managing the documents which are generated from a converted discussion.  Organizationally we view documents as the "official" answer, with the discussion as the "background" as to how the official answer was generated.  As part of the document creation, a collaboration activity takes place among a smaller number of people with collaborators added on a case-by-case basis dependent on the topic of the document.


      My administrators are struggling with having a full understanding of which documents are in progress or pending approval for their space which they did not create since you can only see draft documents that you, yourself have, created.  I hesitate asking them to put each other on as collaborators especially since documents will be at various stages and not always need the input from the peer administrator at that given time.


      Is this something that you deal with and how do you handle it?


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          Andrew Kratz



          It sounds like you are trying to build in a workflow to a tool that does not have much workflow.  But one or two ideas spring to mind that may spur some thought for you:


          1) have a sub-space or separate group where the discussions are turned into documents.  The members would just be your admins and maybe the occasional additional person needed as a subject matter expert.  This way all docs are visible.  Possibly add a manual standard to put in the doc title or first line of the body so everyone knows where things are at (Initial, draft, review, final).  Once it is ready the Jive Move doc function is pretty easy to then place the final document in its final home. 


          2) similar to above but use the Idea module (assuming you own it).  There are phases there that are more for ideation, but you could re-purpose them as to the phases of your discussion to doc transformation.  The editor in the ideas is exactly the same as the document editor...once you are finalized you would probably need to cut and paste from the idea to a document.  Maybe even some of the idea widgets will add value to this "working group or sub-space" to help manage the process a bit.


          So good luck on this!



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            We have a "mining" space that fits what you are describing. Helpful discussions across all communities are converted to documents and placed into this mining community for editing by a group of technical writers, and then reviewed by SMEs. We've kept it simple and have been using tags as a means to move a document through workflow (draft, edit, review, publish).


            I have been playing around using categories to implement the same, and using the categories widget to get a dashboard showing the number of docs in each workflow step.


            Andrew - I love the idea of using the Ideation module!

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                Hi Christine --


                I've debated the approach of a separate space for the activity of creating the official document, but go back and forth.  How do you handle the approval aspect?  The approvers for our documents vary from document to document.  Are you using the comments on a document to @mention the necessary people as well as obtain feedback on the document or can anyone edit the document.  How are you notifying approvers of changes once they've already approved a specific version?


                I'm interest in how you are handling this as the management of the content continues to be a "hot topic".