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    Any Jive 5 communities using mobile?


      For those of you using Jive 5, are you using the mobile product with your internal community?  If so, what's your mobile usage and what do your users think about it?





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          Gary --


          We are using it and in our internal community. A few notes to set context.


          • We have about 5000 internal users with a mix of iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.
          • The majority of the Blackberry devices do not run OS6 and cannot run the mobile application. We are in the process of getting a number of these upgraded.
          • We've done a soft launch on the mobile app. Posted the instructions on how to get it going and answer questions as people get in there.
          • We have about 100 users so far and the feedback has been very positive.
          • Personally, I have been using it for a few months and love it. Very clean and simple interface. Great for finding stuff, tracking Communications, and responding when traveling.
          • I also use the Mobile app for the Jive Community.


          The only hiccup I have encountered was when Apple upgraded to iOS 5.1 a couple weeks ago. I have had to reauthorize my devices 4-5 times since then. It has been fine for about a week now, but something was funky after the upgrade. (Jive is aware of an issue with this and it explained the initial re-authorization, but not the subsequent ones.

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            We are using it for our internal community as a company and for the most part, it is great for 'simple' things but we've found that on tablets / etc people simply prefer the full site more. The functionality is getting there but we aren't fully sold on it yet as a mobile technology with the app the way it is.

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              I would also like to know if your companies security department have had issues with all mobile traffic going through Jive's servers or if they found it secure enough.


              Thanks, Bruce...

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                  We have two scenarios... One being our servers behind firewalls and the other being hosted by Jive / another organization. Neither of these we've had a security issue with but I am also following up with another guy to confirm this for you / his thoughts!

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                    Bruce, our security department did not sign off on the gateway model which is why we're probably going to have to use the On-Premise solution.  While that solves the security concerns the downside is that the On-Premise solution will only be updated once a year.  As new functionality is rolled out to the Gateway on regular basis On-Prem installs will have to wait until the yearly release.  We're going to publish our security group's findings here soon in hopes that some other companies can weigh in on how they handled some of the specific concerns.  Ideally with some input from others we can find a way to use the Gateway model and not miss out on new functionality.

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                      Our internal install is hosted with Jive -- so that's not a problem and Nathaniel Elliott summed up our expereince with it thus far.


                      Our challenge comes from our Federal Clients and passing C&A standards -- simply put, going out to the Jive Mobile Gateway is not something the Agency IT/Security teams will allow.


                      We have not tried the On-Prem model yet, though it is in the works -- so I'm looking forward to keeping tabs on Gary's trails and tribulations. Personally, I would find that once a year update a major drawback. Seeing as how mobile is still more of a consumption solution vs. full content production -- sometimes being an early adopter (with the on-prem model) has high feature "costs" and that is one that seems a bit steep to me. When/If mobile had more full content production functionality -- then on-prem would be a great solution.


                      We'll keep the community updated as we venture down this road with our Federal clients.



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                          Thanks Jonathon.  It is disappointing that if we have to use the upcoming on-premise option then updates will only come annually with Jive version upgrades and that it will not support the Native iPhone App, the future iPad Ap, the future Android App and will not support push notifications.  So all we are left with is the HTML5 mobile web app that isn't updated very frequently.  Hopefully once it's actually out the folks at Jive will be able to provide quicker updates.

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                            Can someone clarify what the "on prem model" is? We're hosted by Jive and want to deploy mobile, but we're getting resistance from our information security team related to the login process. I would love to learn how others overcame this challenge!

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                                On-prem mobile can only be used with an on-prem install (not Jive hosted)


                                If they are ok with using Jive hosted then using the full mobile version should not be a concern.


                                If they are concerned about "security" a user's mobile device can be unlinked/disabled when a user loses their device or is no longer with the organization.

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                                    Ah got it, that makes sense.


                                    Related to the security, they want our users to log into the application every time they access the mobile app using our same authentication (which is a huge barrier for our adoption right now). They are not satisfied with the "unlink/disable" feature... would love to get some examples of other orgs that deal with more strict compliance/data concerns than ours to prove that this module is secure enough.

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                              Gary, we have a hosted instance with the mobile module installed.

                              Our adoption is extremely low b/c of the following reasons:

                              1. We've never officially launched/communicated the availability of mobile.
                              2. We've not yet implemented an auto-deprovision mechanism with our SSO enabled solution.
                              3. We currently have the OAuth Token expiring every 14-days, since we've yet to implement auto-deprov.
                              4. The majority of the corporate provided device, to-date, are still BBs which are not on the minimum req'd OS.


                              Once we can resolve nbr-2, I believe the issues with nbr-3 can quickly change with another security review.  We could then do some internal marketing/awareness to address nbr-1.


                              I believe those with non-BB corporate/personal devices would quickly begin to use mobile interface, if the need/demand warrants it.


                              Unless there is some business driver or professional need to access our instance via mobile, users will not adopt it.

                              So the key is really identifying, promoting, and supporting real business use-cases where mobile access can help bolster a specific process/task.