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    Why did Jive Partner Rather Than Build a Gamification Module?


      Recently, I was asked the following question on Twitter:


      Screen Shot 2012-04-03 at 11.28.51 AM.png

      I thought it was valid and wanted to share additional thoughts, beyond 140 characters, and open up the conversation with the community to chime-in. 

      We've been doing gamification types of features since day 1 of the company (leader boards, status points, rewards, etc), and we have a core set of gamification features we maintain. But we also realize that gamification is more than just badging and simple point systems; therefore, we partnered with Bunchball.  They have industry recognized experts in motivating behavior in the enterprise with game dynamics. Their robust platform allows seamless integration with Jive while also connectivity into other business systems. Bunchball is also a super flexible platform, which allows customers to design their own schemes and rewards.

      Overall, we are committed to partnering with industry leaders to bring the best experience to you, our customers.  This allows us to focus our development resources on making our core offering world class.

      I would like to hear from you - how are you using gamification in your communities?