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    Custom theme templates are not being deleted


      When working on my jive theme, I added the templates/decorator/default/default.ftl template to my list of templates in the admin console and noticed that it messed up the current structure of my theme so I deleted it from my list of custom templates. However, after closing the browser and clearing the browser's cache, I re-log back into the admin console and into my theme directory and I see the default.ftl and all other templates I deleted in the past back in my list and it's greatly affecting the structure of my theme. Is there a way to permanently remove those templates I tried deleting from my theme template list so that they won't keep reappearing?

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          I have this same issue at the moment. I can't delete the Custom Templates and I can also not delete the theme itself.

          I succeeded deleting other themes, but this theme is stuck. Clicking Delete asks for a confirmation, but after that nothing happens.

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            On the inability to delete a custom theme, make sure you don't have the theme you're trying to delete mapped to a page. Custom mapped themes will not be deletable until you remove the mapping. As for the default.ftl issue. I had a similar issue a while back, where I made changes to the default.ftl that broke the code. I deleted the default.ftl in my theme only to notice the old theme was in place. The solution is to add /decorator/default/default.ftl back to your custom theme. When you do so it will bring in the original file. Save this and try to view your site again.


            For some reason JIVE doesn't always overwrite a .ftl to it's default if it's simply been deleted. I hope this helps either or both of your cases. 



            Aaron J. Perrotte

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              What version are you running your instance on?