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    Groups or Space & Sub-Space?

      Hi - I'm trying to determine if we should set up individual groups or a parent space with subspaces for collaboration regarding a number of different database languages.  The very general "Database Technology" is a common thread among all members, however it's unlikely that there would be discussions that would span outside of one of the DB language silos.  The members who would collaborate in these spaces would be from various business units and teams within our company however there is no organizational hierarchy to be concerned with.  This will be set up for topical purposes.  Suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Chris

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          If these are distinct, then separate groups that pointed to each other as related would be a way to go.  If you think the conversation in one group would be interesting to another, can always display it.  Could also look at tagging common topics such as SQL, and display the common discussions.