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    Looking for Customers to help run the Boston and Washington D.C. User Group...

    Ryan Rutan Guru

      As many of you know, we will be sponsoring User Groups sessions in Boston and Washington D.C.:

      Boston User Group - May 17th, 2012 - 2PM EST

      DC User Group - June 5th, 2012 - 2PM EST


      As we get closer, we would like to identify a customer who can lead the user group on those days.  Ideally, this person would help drive the agenda for that day, helping us identify topics that are relevant for attendees, and recommending customers in the area who may be willing/want to present in the area.


      If you are interested in helping lead these User Groups, and/or presenting a compelling story at one of these User Groups ... please chime in and let me know. =)  Also feel free to join the User Groups:

      Boston User Group

      DC User Group


      Look forward to kicking off this User Group blitz, but want to make sure that the content discussed is relevant ... so really looking to leverage the "on the ground" knowledge many of you have in your area.


      Thanks in advance for any consideration. =)


      CC: Daniel Marotta, Claire Flanagan could either of you pass this conversation around to others who have attended past user groups in Boston.  Much appreciated.