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      I'm not sure if this already exists or if there is an idea out there already (I did only a bit of searching), but we would like to have an "action" that takes viewers directly to the full blog of any given space or group. Right now, it seems that there are multiple steps to get a full blog (click on a blog post, and then click on the blog name - which isn't an intuitive way to get to the full blog as it doesn't even appear hyperlinked) - preventing people from following, tracking, or receiving email notifications about blogs. We would like to use blogs as a replacement for "send to all" emails for different groups and spaces. But this will require everyone to be tracking the blog and there is not straightforward way to do this as far as we can tel.. Does anyone have any insight on this issue?

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          This is also a big problem for people who have upgraded from 4.5 where there WAS a link to the blog and many people set emails for blogs. Now, with the advent of the Activity stream and Comms page, they want to turn those off and can't figure out how. The steps for this are not intuitive or even very easy to explain.