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    Help! Has anyone created a Matrix for Jive 5 of the various permission levels (ACL options)


      I need to come up with a chart that outlines different permission groups for our "communities" and what each permission group should be able to do. . .


      Question #1 Does anyone have a template of what Jive 5 options we can select for permission groups?


      Question #2 - Do you have template / sample of your permission groups and what they can do in the community?

      And if you've already come up with rules/best practices and would like to share that would be great. We have the following notion:

      1. We need a Community Admin (of course)
      2. SME level (create and moderate)
      3. Member Level (if someone has "followed" community, then they can like, rate, comment, etc)
      4. Guests - all communities are anonymously viewable, so content should be viewed, but one must register to create content.


      Question #3 - Do you know if you can Moderate Videos only even if you don't moderate other content?

      But now the devil is in the details in creating the right settings and creating moderators, etc. We want to enable user created videos, but we have to be careful at our own conference that videos of confidential sessions don't get posted - so we need to moderate videos. Anyone know if that is possible?



      cc: John Summers  Caroline Sekar  Jason Lax John Larson John Schwiller

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          Hi Claire,


          Regarding Jive 5 permission configuration - see the spreadsheet I attached here: Jive 5 Permission Configuration Worksheet- this may be useful for documenting what options you choose. I find that, in practice, this document is good to capture initial requirements but hard to maintain


          Let me know if you have questions - the doc isn't entirely self-explanatory, but if you look at it along with the admin console config screens it should make some sense




          - Caroline

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              Excellent! This is exactly what I wanted!


              The admin console is way too confusing - and it feels like it's more confusing in Jive 5. But this sheet does exactly what I need - it organizes the thought process for the business requirements. I was hoping I wouldn't have to start from scratch trying to figure it out. You rock!


              If anyone else has given some thought to what you do for external public communities - what type of rules/permissions you have - - I'm interested specifically in knowing if you allow external members (customers/prospects) on your public communities the ability to:

              1. upload attachments
              2. create blogs (and if they create blogs do you moderate them before it's published)
              3. create documents?
              4. create videos (and if they create videos, do you moderate them before they're published?)
              5. Etc


              Editing this to bump it back up to see if others have tackled this problem (And make sure folks see Caroline's file, too!)