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    Looking for User Experiences and Best Practices for Implementing SharePoint Connector


      We are starting up the next phase of our implementation which includes leveraging the Jive SharePoint Connector. I am looking for any real life experiences that the community can share with me. We are a Jive 5.0.1 internal community and most of our SharePoint sites are SP 2010.


      • We have roughly 400 existing SharePoint sites, but do not plan to connect to all of them. Our thinking is:
        • Link to the "robust" SharePoint sites that are working well.
        • Migrate the content from the little used sites where we want to grab the content and permanently put it in Jive.
        • Kill off the numerous inactive sites.


      • For those of you who have implemented the SP Connector, are there any key things to take advantage of or to watch out for?
      • Any feedback on how quickly you brought SP sites online?
      • What were the key user issues you ran into?
      • Any feedback on how the search between Jive and SharePoint work together?


      Thanks for any insight you can provide!