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    Maximum Size for Video Uploads

      Do you place limits on the size of video's that can be uploaded to your community?  If so, what are those limits?


      We are looking at placing limits to prevent some of these massive uploads onto the system.  Video's that not only never get watched, but can also have performance impact on the system.  Was curious what that threshold should be.  500 MB, 1GB, etc?

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          Joe –


          A few thoughts:



          ·         For regular files loaded into Jive, we increased the size limit to 100MB from 50MB. We were running into a few cases where some large presentations could not be loaded.


          ·         We do not put a limit on the size of the video files being loaded.


          ·         My assumption is that the size of the files have limited, if any, impact on ongoing system performance. The rationale being the files are uploaded to the Twistage server and streamed from there. There definitely is an impact on how long it takes to upload and encode the files, but we have not heard of any issues in regards to file sizes since we went live a couple months ago. (That said, I do not have any data points offhand indicating the number and size of the files we’ve loaded.)

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