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    secure integration of external aplication and JIVE



      I am looking for the best and the most transparent way to integrate my application with JIVE.

      I intend to present ongoing JIVE discussion in my application, as well as the most popular topics and recent threads ("community everywhere" approach is not enough).

      It seems that, that best way to include such a functionality is to integrate my application with JIVE transparently for users and communicate to JIVE through REST services. I have to mention, that both application (my application and JIVE) are using the same LDAP, and both of them are under different location.

      My question is, how to implement such a safe connection between my application and JIVE, to be the most transparent for user, which is logged into my application?

      Any ideas will be very helpful.

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          There is still no reply, so I will explain my question more precisely.

          My question is regarding general approach for secure connection between any external system and JIVE.


          The appropriate question is to how to set-up a safe connection, in which, user logged into one application is able to use JIVE services.

          This will make the external system (e.g. My application) to be a trusted JIVE client. I want to avoid situation, in which user, who is logged in into My application has to log in another time to JIVE.


          At present, the same user can separately log in into “My application” and JIVE using the same credentials (because of common LDAP).


          To be more accurate I will explain desired situation in the following steps:

          1. User is login into “My application” using his own credentials
          2. The same user can use JIVE services, without inserting another time JIVE credentials. The JIVE authorization should be done by given credential. Inside My application any JIVE action will be realized by using REST services.


          I will be really grateful for any ideas regarding my question.