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    What is the best way to surface a personal blog?


      I noticed that personal blogs, while easy to create the first time, don't have a "home" that I can navigate to (I am currently still using our sandbox and QA environment-- rollout in T-2). After I created my personal blog in the sandbox, each time I want to navigate to it, I have to use search.


      I am trying to envision how the general user experience will be for this-- What is the easiest way to surface personal blogs? I know there is a widget that can help, but without the widget, is search the only way to find it again?


      Right now on our current wiki, we actually have a blogs "homepage" that shows a feed of all personal blogs (title, author avatar, & date). We're not sure if we want to re-create this yet... is there even a way to re-create such a feed in Jive?