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    How does authorisation work?



      I have several (sub-)spaces in our Logica Jive environment, but even my colleaugues can't see the documents I have placed in them unless I explicitely give them access. I have attached a file showing what I see and what one of my colleagues sees. Is there a way to make (sub-)spaces and documents available to all my Logica colleagues on Jive?


      Any help would be much appreciated!




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          Go to the admin console -> permissions tab -> Space permissions -> enter space name -> add group


          Assuming you only want your colleagues to have access to this space, then you will need to create a permissions group through the admin console and add your colleagues as members, otherwise, add the group called All Registered Users.


          To create permissions group, go to admin console -> People tab -> create group -> enter name and create group -> group summary -> edit group -> edit members -> add colleagues. You can build a plugin that listens for new users created in the Community and are automatically inserted in this group for colleagues whose emails match a particular pattern, such as @abc.com.


          Hope that helps!