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    Ideas for Team structure for an External community?


      We use Jive for our External community and we just purchased the Gamification module. I'm looking for some creative ideas for setting up a Team structure that would make sense as well as be compelling.  Any thoughts from Jive or Bunchball on ideas here?


      I do have a special group of "Eloqua Advocates" (similar to Jive Champions) who I will put on a team so they can earn some joint things together and build a sense of camaraderie. But after that I'm stumped on ideas.



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          A few ideas:

          • Create an Industries League, with teams mapped to your core industries - Financial Services, Health, Tech, etc.
          • Create a Best Practices League, with teams around your best practice areas - Marketing Automation, Demand Generation, etc. Allow your users to select which team they affiliate with best
          • Create a Regions League, with teams by coast or city. Get creative with the names/descriptions to make your users excited about affiliating with one. Examples:
            • West Coast - Certified Organic
            • East Coast - fuggedaboutit
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