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    Naming My Blog?


      Ok, so we are LIVE with our Jive instance, which we are calling Pulse. Now the real fun begins. In addition to all the other stuff I need to set up, I am also going to start my blog fresh in Jive. In our old platform, I was maintaining a blog that I called "Melissa Rosen's Blog: Collaboration and the Enterprise", but I think that title was a bit wordy, and did not live up to its name, exactly. My blog became very heavy on giving out tips and tricks, with a weekly post I called Feature Friday. I also posted quarterly updates on the platform, and started another feature I called "Seen on Campus: Advertise your Wiki" which was accompanied by a photo of a poster or flyer I saw around campus, where someone had advertised their community (this  one was hard to maintain, since there were limited examples, but, I post those photos whenever I see them). Feature Friday was the most consistent thing I posted, and has gotten lots of views and notice over time.


      Sooo, I think I need a new name for the blog. I plan on continuing the same features as above, but also adding:

      • more posts that are general thoughts and discussions on using social
      • posts about what I am learning in my daily work as an Internal ECM
      • a segment called "In others' words"-- where I plan to use a quote from someone (focused on people who are writing about social, but maybe I'll occasionally stray into quotes from famous people), and then use the quote to generate additional conversation (this might be a 1x per month feature)


      I would love to hear THIS community's thoughts on what makes a good blog name-- not the title of an individual blog, but the overall name of the blog itself. All ideas appreciated-- no judgment here!

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          I think something fun and catchy helps make it memorable. However, I know super blogs that have pedestrian titles, so don't sweat it too much!

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            1) It must describe your blog

            2) It must be easy to remember

            3) It must be equal to the domain name


            Melissa / Social & Community

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                Thanks! I'm not sure what you mean by "equal to the domain name".


                I am thinking of going with something like "Melissa's Community Manager Musings" though not sure I dig the word 'musings' so much. It doesn't have to be complicated, but I can see why why firms exist just to name things. Naming is hard!


                Does anyone know if I can change the title of a personal blog after I've created it? I haven't tried that yet.

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                    Yes, you can change the name.

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                      Well relating to Jive, it's less relevant as Jive defaults the URL to the name of the blog - but I think its good practise to keep URLs and Titles synchronised and consistent.

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                        My opinion is that you should take the word Manager out of your Blog title.  In most companies, we hear enough titles.  Yes it is good to describe what you do from an HR perspective, but on a collaboration platform, you are the important thing, not your title.

                        That being said, you should go one of 2 ways:

                        1. Keep the blog very Tips & Tricks focused but not solely identified with you. This would allow other people to add to the blog that are on topic.
                        2. Make the blog solely yours and identified with you and things you may want to share with the community.


                        In my community, I have a personal Blog but also have a blog in our Tips & Tricks/Help space.  All my Jive based tips and tricks and how to documents are posted in the Tips and Tricks space.  My blog is focused on things that I find interesting.  If I ever change positions, then my personal blog is still relevant to me and someone else can continue the Tips blog.


                        Lastly, Melissa's Musings is a great name for a personal blog.