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    Ideas for moving intranet news to Jive 4.5


      How are you providing corporate news to your users?

      There was a discussion around this about a year ago in another community with some helpful ideas already, but I'm hoping there is some more experience out there now. Like many of you I'm sure, my intranet home page has a good amount of corporate-controled news articles and announcements that deliver strategic and administrative information to employees. I see several options for delivering all company internal news articles on our future Jive homepage. I'm challenged with what we do about the news sections that are targeted to users based on location (i.e. people see different articles on the home page based on office location).


      Very interested to hear about how anyone solved for this: Is this stuff on your home page? Did you find a way to provide similar local news channels there? Did you completely change the way this kind of information is delivered? Something else?

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          We have this situation exactly - 7 office locations and we use Jive 4.5 as our intranet.


          I have it set up so we have an All-Company News homepage - changes that impact every office, no matter where you work. Then we have a sub-community for each office. This is where news is posted that is location-specific. These communities are also used for other location-specific information, ranging from using documents for HR forms to discussions re: what food to stock in the kitchen at that location.


          I have an RSS widget on each sub-community that displays the News from the top-level community, so anyone can look at their local sub-community and see both its news and the All-Company news in the same place.


          We are also heavy users of Your View, so people have Recent Content widgets set up their for both their office and All-Company news. For some managers who travel a lot, or people who work closely with global teams, they might also have Recent Content widgets for our other offices.

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